Internal Medicine - Issue 2/2006

Original Contributions

Mutational analysis of LQT genes in individuals with drug induced QT interval prolongation

T. Novotný, J. Kadlecová, I. Papoušek, K. Chroust, A. Bittnerová, A. Floriánová, E. Češková, M. Weislamplová, V. Pálenský, M. Šišáková, O. Toman, R. Gaillyová, J. Špinar

The meaning of the combination of fibrinogen, micro/macroalbuminuria and atheromatosis in the carotic bloodstream for the evaluation of the abnormal finding of the stress myocardial SPECT in the asymptomatic 2nd type diabetic patients

V. Zamrazil Jr, S. Pálová, D. Holá

Idiopathic premature ventricular complexes - catheter ablation as a therapeutic alternative

J. Chovančík, M. Fiala, H. Szymeczek, R. Neuwirth, R. Nevřalová, I. Nykl, M. Branny

Can we cure atrial flutter with radiofrequency ablation in an hour?

Z. Stárek, L. Zaoral, P. Leinveber, L. Haman, Z. Csanádi, D. Heřman Za Řešitele Registru Easther

Autoimmune thyropathies in diabetics

Z. Schroner, I. Lazúrová, J. Petrovičová

The role of transesophageal echocardiopgraphy in detection of cardiogenic and aortic sources of embolism in stroke and transient ischaemic attacks

J. Dúbrava, R. Garay

The meaning of viral kinetics in the beginning of the pegylated interferon-alpha and ribavirin therapy for chronic hepatitis C

P. Husa, P. Šlesinger, H. Štroblová, A. Svobodník


Medical device „Task Force Monitor“ in diagnostics of syncope by means of head-up tilt table testing

J. Siegelová, B. Fišer

The role of STAT proteins in the regulation of the response to the interferone α therapy in chronic hepatitis C

J. Ehrmann jr., K. Aiglová, J. Ehrmann, J. Palas, P. Kümpel

Case Report

Osteonecrosis of the jaw in the course of multiple myeloma treatment and bisphosphonate administration

Z. Adam, M. Kozumplíková, L. Pour, M. Machálka

Tachycardia-induced cardiomypathy: less usual causes, less usual treatment: 3 case-reports

B. Holek, M. Fiala, J. Chovančík, M. Branny

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